International piano competition "A. Scriabin"







First Prize*
8.000 euro including ABO Concert with Sanremo Symphony Orchestra
Plaque, certificate and concerts
* Offered by Grosseto Rotary Club and
Rotary Foundation Carlo Berliri Zoppi

Second Prize*
3.000 euro
Plaque and certificate
* Offered by Ms. Franca Giordano dedicated to Nicola Giordano

Third Prize*
1.500 euro
Plaque and certificate
* Offered by E. & C. Fiorilli Foundation

Special Prize "Giovanni Marini"*
1.000 euro
* Offered by M° Antonio Di Cristofano dedicated to Giovanni
to the best performance of Scriabin's music

Public Special Prize*
500 euro
* Offered by M Antonio Di Cristofano to the finalist
voted by the public