International piano competition "A. Scriabin"







Round 1 (Preliminary round)
Free programme including one etude by A.Scriabin.
Time limit 15 minutes

Round 2 (Semi-final round)
Free programme including one important composition by A.Scriabin
(Sonata, Fantasia, complete works of Preludes, complete works of Studies).
In this round, the Scriabin's music time must be not less than 8 minutes.
Time limit 30 minutes.
A maximum number of 12 competitors will be admitted to this round

Round 3 (Final round)
Three (3) contestants will be judged as eligible for the Final round

A Concerto for Piano and Orchestra chosen from the following:

W. A. Mozart
Concerto K 466
Concerto K 467

L. v. Beethoven
Concerto op. 15
Concerto op. 37
Concerto op. 58
Concerto op. 73

F. Chopin
Concerto op. 11
Concerto op. 21

R. Schumann
Concerto op. 54

F. Liszt
Concerto n. 1
Concerto n. 2

P. I. Ciaikovsky
Concerto op. 23

S. Rachmaninoff
Concerto op. 18

A. Scriabin
Concerto op. 20

Grosseto Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by M° Amaury Du Closel (France)